• Sinus Re infection 17 - Jul - 2012, at 02:18 AM - 1

  • I am wondering if I have vertical food impaction. I have had extreme pain under my tooth implant for 12 days, it felt numb with pain. I saw 2 different dentist and they took x-rays and said everything looked fine. One told me that they are sorry I am in pain but don't know what is wrong. Now, the..

  • Numbness Problem After Surgery 09 - Jul - 2012, at 23:27 PM - 1

  • dear Dr Ritz last year in Oct i get my surgery done of class 3 under bite but my lower lip and chin area is still numb.my question is that y it is still numb after many months.Are my nerves become damage or it takes time to come in normal.how much time it will take becoz sometimes my lower lip beco..

  • pain 13 - Dec - 2009, at 20:35 PM - 1

  • i had dental surgey friday and i am still in alot of pain..

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