• frenectomy 06 - Dec - 2009, at 07:13 AM - 1

  • i had a labial frenectomy procedure a month a go . my lips looks normal from the outside, but the thing is i still feel like something stuck in my lips , i mean i feel something there behind my lips , i can't explain it right , but i feel as if there is pieces of nuts stucked there or something lik..

  • connective tissue graft/frenectomy 18 - Nov - 2009, at 21:04 PM - 1

  • Hello! I had a gum abcess on #25 and was referred to a periodontist. They said I needed a frenectomy first, would have to wait then 2 weeks for a connective tissue graft because the frenectomy needed to heal and they would also have to do an impression/stent prior to the grafting We went ahead and..

  • frenectomy 13 - Nov - 2009, at 20:02 PM - 1

  • i just had this surgery a week a go , because it was too close to my upper lips and the fron teeth . however i felt unsatisfied after doing the surgery , i freaked out , i feel my lips shape are alterd , and im afraid it may cause other problems , i just want to know does it really affect the lips..

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