• My milk tooth can't fall out 04 - Oct - 2009, at 06:49 AM - 1

  • I'm 17 now and there is one upper tooth which won't fall out. Yesterday I got it x-rayed and the dentist told me that I have no permanent teeth on that location (it should be canine tooth if it could fall out). She suggested that I have it extracted and I should get braces put on. The problem is, I..

  • Permanent teeth not erupting 15 - Jul - 2009, at 20:06 PM - 1

  • My 7 yr. old son lost his two top incisors about 3 months ago and his permanent ones have not erupted yet. Other teeth have fallen out and his permanent teeth have come out right after that. How long should it take for his permanent incisors to come out? ..

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