• Affordable Dental Treatment - How to get 25 - Apr - 2010, at 00:38 AM

  • I am working government but I have blue shield and Blue cross insurance. It is not great to coverage for dental and small coverage. It is not full pay. I am unhappy too expensive for long time. I cannot afford to pay because we Have to support for my son's college. I still have very difficut o..

  • Free Dental Treatment for Seniors 21 - Apr - 2010, at 20:09 PM - 1

  • I am a senior with dire need of dental work but cannot afford the cost. Is there some type of clinic or pro ono dentistery I can use?..

  • Cost 02 - Oct - 2009, at 20:16 PM - 1

  • I have 2 teeth in the front of my mouth that are missing. I was considering doing a bridge on the front teeth because I do not want to wear a retainer anymore. I would need my front 2 and the 2 on either side of the fakes to be grinded down and get a bridge for all front six. The dentist I went to..

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