• dentists 08 - Feb - 2010, at 20:36 PM - 3

  • are dentists at ASPEN dental and other group practices inferior???..

  • Dental Assistants not doing their job 06 - Nov - 2009, at 20:25 PM - 1

  • What do I do when a very reputable dental clinic I go to employs the worst dental assistants, and they are not concerned about dental tools sanitation issues, and I bring it up, and they all hate me and the dentist protects them. Who do I report this to?..

  • mal practice 11 - Oct - 2009, at 10:37 AM - 1

  • a 13 year old boy present with sweeling related to lower left 1st molar carious 2 days durtioncontroling acute stage by 5 days amoxicillin 500mg +brufen400mg on the fifth day i startedendo with incomplete reslution of the swelling but subsided by night pitient developed pain he went to another dent..

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